[White Matte Sticker]

6 sheets of 1.5x3.75 inch @$5 each

4 sheets of extra small logo sticker (with 4 different designs)


[Clear Sticker]

3 sheets of 2x1 inch rectangle custom sticker

text: lip balm in font #2, ingredients Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Flavoring Oil and Glitter










You must send your logo via the logo uploader after checkout. If you do not have a design ready, your order may be delayed or canceled. (See shop policies for details)




For the Crystal Clear material type, we are unable to print in white color. If your text contains any white coloring, it will appear clear as the background. We also cannot print metallics or neon colors for any material type. Please take this into consideration before placing your order!


Item description:


Can't find the size of sticker that you need in our shop? Not to worry! We can custom print and cut your stickers to your specific size needs*! The ideal option for those who have specialized containers or packages.


We start with a blank sheet of either our white matte or crystal clear material type and then make as many stickers as we can from each sheet with your desired sticker size and shape. Simply choose which material you would like for your stickers from the material type drop down box, then specify the exact size stickers (in cm or inches) that you need in the personalization box. Add as many sheets to your cart as neccesary for each of your designs/sizes and/or materials**. Please see below for additional details.


*Within limitations. Minimum cutting size 1"x0.5" - Maximum cutting space per sheet 9x25" x 6.75" (23.5cmX17.1cm).


**One design/custom size per sheet. If you need more than one design/size/material type, please list each design, size and/or material type in the personalization box and place the corresponding number and type of sheets in your cart before placing your order. Examples below.


Example 1:

You have only one design - they should all be printed and cut in the same custom size and material and you need only one sheet. For this type of order, use the following format in the personalization box:


"1.75"x5" Crystal Clear 1 sheet"


(You would then add 1 Crystal Clear sheet to cart, place the order and send us your design)


Example 2:

You have only one design and size but want two sheets and different materials for each:


1"x4" Crystal Clear 1 sheet

1"x4" White Matte 1 sheet

(Add 1 Crystal Clear sheet and 1 White Matte sheet to cart, place order and send design)


Example 3:

You have one design but need two different sizes and want different materials for each:


3"x2" Crystal Clear 2 sheets

4"x6" White Matte 1 sheet

(Add 2 Crystal Clear sheets and 1 White Matte sheet to cart, place order and send design)


Example 4:

You have one design but need two different sizes and want the same material for each:


3.75"x3" Crystal Clear 1 sheet

6.5"x4" Crystal Clear 1 sheet

(Add 2 Crystal Clear sheets to cart, place order and send design)


Example 5:

You have multiple designs to print but need only one size and material for all of them:


Design 1 = 1"x2.7" White Matte 3 sheets

Design 2 = 1"x2.7" White Matte 1 sheet

Design 3 = 1"x2.7" White Matte 2 sheets

(Add 6 White Matte sheets to cart, place order and send designs)



After you have placed your order, you will be required to send us your design(s) for print on your stickers. Please try to keep your custom size requests within proportion with your design(s). We will do our best to keep your design(s) in proportion, however the buyer is ultimately responsible for understanding proportions.


If you have any additional questions, contact us!

Custom Order for @avasglitzygloss

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